Advanced Services

About Us

A company that operates in the marketing of biomedical and prosthetic products with high innovative and technological content.

A company that provides outsourcing Office Tendering Services to businesses that interact with the Public Administration.

A company that provides management consulting services for Commercial Management to third-party organizations.


Outsourcing Services

Qualified professionals to assist small and large businesses from every sector in participating in public tendering.

Sales Activities

Medis has a consolidated experience in the complex sales process of high-tech devices in the biomedical sector.

Consulting Services

Consultancy activity is an added value for those who need to implement the business organization process.

Corporate Mission

Medis’ mission is to position itself as an innovator in the biomedical commercial sector, as a solver of technical-administrative needs through the “Help Tender” service, and as an optimizer, in the role of consultant and auditor of the organization of third-party companies.



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