Consulting Services

Optimizes business processes.

Consulting activities, personally carried out by Susanna, are an added value in the implementation of an efficient business organization.

The skills acquired through years of management activity allow her to contribute effectively and empathetically to the strategic creation of a healthy and structured environment for the achievement of specific medium- and long-term goals.

What we deal with

Consulting involves carrying out specific projects and assignments inherent in the activities of identification, composition, analysis, design, coordination and development.

Consulting activities are carried out on two different levels:

    Medis provides planning, role allocation, goal and strategy definition, effective communication, control and verification of action plans, budgeting, definition of scientific and congress activity (marketing plan, sponsorships, investments), strategic development with suppliers, market analysis, definition of training plans. It also provides for the attainment of competencies in the drafting of tenders with public agencies, partnerships with K.O.L. reference clients for the conduct of clinical trials, analysis, collection and evaluation of therapies.
    Medis monitors execution and performance.
    The purpose of this consultancy is to offer the appropriate support during the change process, providing suitable tools to govern it. The management of processes and procedures is carried out through:
    – the analysis of corporate organizational structures and improvement plans
    – the verification and monitoring of efficiency of internal processes and procedures.

This involves an activity of:

  • qualitative and quantitative workforce analysis and planning
  • definition of tasks and lines of responsibility
  • planning/relocation of functions
  • organizational and inter-organizational integration
  • verification of consistency between strategy and organizational structure

Medis also operates a careful and positive human resources management. Dedicated paths for people for personal and professional growth are evaluated. The goal is to achieve an effective and efficient corporate structure, also leveraging employee training, but always from the perspective of individual and organizational well-being.

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